Brick Brewing reports Second Quarter EBITDA of $1.6M



  • Volume in the Waterloo trademark for the second quarter achieved growth of 39% versus the second quarter of fiscal 2014.
  • Net Revenues for the second quarter of fiscal 2015 were $10.4 million compared to $11.4 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2014, the result of cooler weather which resulted in category softness, and no repeat of the Laker trademark 12 pack promotional launch from the prior year.
  • Gross profit margin for the quarter increased to 31.4%, up from 21.4% in Q2 of fiscal 2014, reflecting targeted efforts to enhance margin expansion and profitability, including lowered costs, and improved product mix , especially within the craft premium category.
  • Selling, Marketing and Administration ("SM&A") expenses declined to $2.3 million from $2.7 million in the prior year, as one-time promotional costs in F14 did not repeat this year.
  • EBITDA* for the second quarter of fiscal 2015 grew to $1.6 million compared to EBITDA in the second quarter of fiscal 2014 of $0.4 million.
  • Brick has previously announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement for the sale of its King Street property in Waterloo for $4 million. The sale is expected to close in Brick's fiscal third quarter.

KITCHENER, ON, Sept. 11, 2014 /CNW/ - Brick Brewing Co. Limited ("Brick" or the "Company") (TSX:BRB), the largest Canadian-owned and Canadian-based publicly held brewery in Ontario, today released its financial results for the second quarter of its 2015 fiscal year.

Net Revenues for the second quarter of fiscal 2015 were $10.4 million compared to $11.4 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2014. Gross profit for the quarter improved to 31.4% in the second quarter of fiscal 2015, compared to 21.4% in Q2 of the prior year. The improved margins are driven by the non-repeat of promotional costs to support Laker 12 pack bottles in the prior year, coupled with lower operating costs, improving premium product mix and favorable pricing. EBITDA for the second quarter of fiscal 2015 came in at $1.6 million compared to EBITDA of $0.4 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2014.

"The success we've seen in the Waterloo trademark is very encouraging.  Waterloo craft premium brands grew by 39% with strength in our core portfolio, our seasonal mix-pack launch, and the new Waterloo Radler, which has been the hit of the summer. Seagram volume was down in the quarter, driven by reduced listings at the LCBO and the absence of a cider mix pack versus year ago.  The Seagram malt based offerings at The Beer Store have done very well and we're also pleased with the introduction of Seagram malt based products in the important Quebec market. The Laker trademark is showing year-on-year volume decline, however Brick is seeing improved profitability, both in absolute dollars and margins. When you bring together the pieces - no one-time promotional costs, significant growth in the premium Waterloo trademark and lowered operating cost, it all came together to allow us to put up a strong EBITDA result." stated George Croft, President and CEO.

The following financial information should be read in conjunction with the audited annual financial statements of the Company prepared under IFRS for the year ended January 31, 2014.

Reconciliation of Net Earnings to Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization, and Share Based Payments (EBITDA)*
   Quarter ended   Fiscal year ended 
(in thousands of dollars) July 27, 2014 July 28, 2013 July 27, 2014 July 28, 2013
Net income (loss)  $    445  $    (458)  $    239  $    (403)
Add (deduct):        
  Income tax expense (recovery) 163 (158) 86 (138)
  Depreciation and amortization 772 762 1,537 1,482
  Loss (gain) on disposal of property, plant and equipment - 31 7 (15)
  Share-based payments 14 49 63 102
  Finance costs 183 164 304 327
Subtotal 1,132 848 1,997 1,758
EBITDA* 1,577 390 2,236 1,355


For the periods ended July 27, 2014 and July 28, 2013
(Not audited or reviewed by the Company's external auditor)

     Quarter ended     Fiscal year-to-date ended 
     July 27, 2014   July 28, 2013     July 27, 2014   July 28, 2013 
Revenue $ 10,417,240  $ 11,372,254    $ 17,954,647  $   20,157,000
Cost of sales   7,142,789 8,938,854   13,047,737 15,409,866
Gross profit   3,274,451 2,433,400   4,906,910 4,747,134
Selling, marketing and administration expenses   2,307,515 2,741,593   4,005,976 4,661,363
Other expenses   174,965 143,637   271,754 299,883
Finance costs   183,318 164,396   303,761 326,930
Income (loss) before tax   608,653 (616,226)   325,419 (541,042)
Income tax expense (recovery)   163,200 (158,000)   86,755 (138,000)
Net income (loss) and comprehensive
  income (loss) for the period
$   445,453  $    (458,226)    $      238,664  $     (403,042)
Basic earnings (loss) per share $   0.01  $          (0.01)    $            0.01  $           (0.01)
Diluted earnings (loss) per share $   0.01  $          (0.01)    $            0.01  $           (0.01)


As at July 27, 2014 and January 31, 2014
(Not audited or reviewed by the Company's external auditor)

July 27, 2014 
January 31, 2014 
Non-current assets    
  Property, plant and equipment  $   15,071,085  $   15,449,248
  Intangible assets 15,049,475 14,752,855
  Deferred income tax assets 2,461,977 2,548,732
  32,582,537 32,750,835
Current assets    
  Accounts receivable 8,023,597 5,865,024
  Inventories 4,046,258 3,951,436
  Assets held for sale 3,410,069 3,406,400
  Prepaid expenses 736,979 395,559
  16,216,903 13,618,419
TOTAL ASSETS 48,799,440 46,369,254
  Share capital 39,393,721 38,955,236
  Share-based payments reserves 1,017,219 1,060,533
  Deficit (7,263,880) (7,502,544)
TOTAL EQUITY 33,147,060 32,513,225
Non-current liabilities    
  Provisions 298,159 289,083
  Long-term debt and promissory note 3,340,510 4,265,018
  3,638,669 4,554,101
Current liabilities    
  Bank indebtedness 2,380,392 1,694,178
  Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 7,600,181 6,050,679
  Current portion of long-term debt and promissory note 2,033,138 1,557,071
  12,013,711 9,301,928
TOTAL LIABILITIES 15,652,380 13,856,029
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY  $   48,799,440  $   46,369,254


For the periods ended July 27, 2014 and July 28, 2013
(Not audited or reviewed by the Company's external auditor)

   Quarter ended     Fiscal year-to-date ended 
   July 27, 2014   July 28, 2013     July 27, 2014   July 28, 2013 
Operating activities          
  Net income (loss)  $      445,453  $    (458,226)    $      238,664  $    (403,042)
  Adjustments for:          
    Income tax expense (recovery) 163,200 (158,000)   86,755 (138,000)
    Finance costs 183,318 164,396   303,761 326,930
    Depreciation and amortization of property, plant and
      equipment and intangibles
772,003 762,270   1,536,530 1,482,216
    Loss (gain) on disposal of property, plant and equipment - 30,933   7,345 (15,092)
    Share-based payments 13,862 48,634   63,186 101,803
    Change in non-cash working capital related to operations 462,719 (371,011)   (1,077,226) (136,906)
    Interest paid (169,646) (151,269)   (263,693) (275,163)
Cash provided by (used in) operating activities 1,870,909 (132,273)   895,322 942,746
Investing activities          
  Purchase of property, plant and equipment (499,024) (764,698)   (1,156,712) (1,974,076)
  Proceeds from sale of property, plant and equipment - 140,000   - 203,000
  Purchase of intangible assets (159,831) (121,392)   (305,620) (260,436)
Cash used in investing activities (658,855) (746,090)   (1,462,332) (2,031,512)
Financing activities          
  Increase/(decrease) in bank indebtedness (1,297,461) (2,047,074)   686,214 (2,314,214)
  Issuance of long-term debt - 500,000   - 1,185,912
  Repayment of long-term debt (239,593) (296,462)   (451,189) (511,031)
  Issuance of shares - 10,000   6,985 16,200
  Proceeds from stock option exercise 325,000 -   325,000 -
  Proceeds from warrants, net - 2,814,501   - 2,814,501
Cash provided by (used in) financing activities (1,212,054) 980,965   567,010 1,191,368
Net increase in cash - 102,602   - 102,602
Cash, beginning of period - -   - -
Cash, end of period  $                 -  $      102,602    $                  -  $      102,602


Additional Information

For further details the Company's complete management discussion and analysis (MD&A) and financial statements for the quarter ended July 27, 2014 will be available on the investor section of the Brick Brewing website at This and additional information relating to the Company, including its Annual Information Form, is or will be available on the Company's website and on SEDAR at

About Brick Brewing

Brick is Ontario's largest Canadian-owned brewery. The Company is a regional brewer of award-winning premium quality and value beers and is officially certified under British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standards for Food Safety, one of the highest and most internationally recognized standards for safe food production. Founded in 1984, Brick Brewing Co. was the first craft brewery to start up in Ontario, and is credited with pioneering the present day craft brewing renaissance in Canada. Brick has complemented its Waterloo brand premium craft beers with other popular brands such as Laker, Red Baron, Red Cap and Formosa Springs Draft.  In March 2011, Brick purchased the Canadian rights to Seagram Coolers and now produces, sells, markets and distributes Seagram Coolers across Canada.  Brick trades on the TSX under the symbol BRB. Visit us at

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* EBITDA is a non-IFRS earnings measure, therefore it does not have any standardized meaning prescribed by International Financial Reporting Standards  and may not be similar to measures presented by other companies. EBITDA represents earnings before interest, income taxes, depreciation and amortization, gain on disposal of property, plant, and equipment, and share based payments. Management uses this measurement to evaluate the operating results of the Company. This measure is also important to management since it is used by the Company's lenders to evaluate the ongoing cash generating capability of the Company and therefore the amounts those lenders are willing to lend to the Company. Investors find EBITDA to be useful information because it provides a measure of the Company's operating performance.



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