Brick Brewing reports third quarter F2009 financial results and retirement of Executive Chairman and Founder, Jim Brickman

    WATERLOO, ON, Dec. 11 /CNW/ - Brick Brewing Co. Limited (the "Company")
today announced their third quarter F2009 financial results.
    Key operating and financial highlights for the Company's fiscal third
quarter ending October 31, 2008, compared to the fiscal third quarter ending
October 31, 2007, include the following:

    -   Brick Brewing gross revenues for the third quarter F2009 were $16.5
        million, a decrease of $0.4 million from the third quarter of fiscal
    -   Net revenues for the third quarter of fiscal F2009 were $7.3 million
        as compared to $7.5 million in the same quarter last year, a decrease
        of $0.2 million or 3.3%.
    -   The Company's overall beer volumes including co-packaged beer
        decreased by 6%, compared to a decrease of 9% in the third quarter
        last year.
    -   Brick Brewing's proprietary beer volumes showed considerable
        improvement compared to last year. Proprietary volumes declined by
        only 2.1% in the quarter compared to a decline of 12.7% in the third
        quarter of last year
        -  Laker family brands showed positive growth in September and
           October versus last year.
        -  Waterloo Dark experienced double-digit growth in the quarter.
    -   On September 20, 2008 the Ontario Government announced a new four-
        year Ontario Craft Brewers Opportunity Fund. Brick Brewing recognized
        a benefit of $565 thousand in the third quarter related to this Fund.
    -   On November 24, 2008 the minimum retail price of beer in Ontario
        increased from $26.40 to $28.00 on 5% alcohol 24-pack bottles.
    -   Efficiencies were realized at the Kitchener packaging facility and
        have contributed in per unit manufacturing costs being reduced in the
        third quarter compared to the same period in the previous year.
    -   All brewing production was consolidated to Waterloo in the quarter
        and Brick Brewing will continue to operate in this fashion going

    "The financial results continue to be challenging, however Brick Brewing
is focused on improving efficiencies which will serve the Company well in the
future" said Croft, President and CEO of Brick.

    Special and Other One-Time Items

    -   The Company incurred $296 thousand in severance costs, for a total of
        $497 thousand for the nine months ending October 31, 2008. A layer of
        senior management has been eliminated, which will result in
        considerable savings on administration costs in F2010.
    -   The Company reduced the carrying value of certain bottles by $176
        thousand to reflect the realizable value of these bottles based on
        current production and sales estimates.
    -   The agreement with Direct Cellars Beverage Co. will end on January
        31, 2009. The Company determined that a $75 thousand reduction of the
        long-term investment was required at October 31, 2008.
    -   The Company completed a private placement financing for gross
        proceeds of $2.75 million on October 31, 2008.

    "Our focus for the balance of the year will continue to be directed at
reducing all non-strategic costs, enhancing operating efficiencies and
improving the performance of our brands in the marketplace" added Croft.
    The Company also announced today that Executive Chairman and Founder Jim
Brickman has provided his notice of retirement to the Company which the
Company has accepted effective immediately.
    The Company, founded by Jim Brickman in 1984, was the first craft brewery
to start up in Ontario, and is credited with pioneering the present day craft
brewing renaissance in Canada. Jim Brickman has been Executive Chairman of the
Company since May 2004, prior to which he was President and Chief Executive
Officer of the Company from February 1984 to May 2004.
    "The Company appreciates the significant contribution Jim Brickman has
made to Brick Brewing since founding it in 1984," said Croft. "His hard work
and dedication has helped build the foundation for the Company's future,"
added Croft. The Company's Board of Directors and management wish him well in
his future endeavours.

                          Brick Brewing Co. Limited
                       Statements of Loss and Deficit

                           Three Months Ended           Nine Months Ended

                        October 31    October 31    October 31    October 31
                           2008          2007          2008          2007

    Gross Revenue     $ 16,501,409  $ 16,905,763  $ 51,543,872  $ 54,549,914
      Less: Production
       taxes &
       fees             (9,206,408)   (9,363,352)  (28,238,614)  (30,511,084)
    Net Revenue          7,295,001     7,542,411    23,305,258    24,038,830

    Cost of goods sold   6,533,437     6,240,536    19,223,148    19,203,993

    Gross margin           761,564     1,301,875     4,082,110     4,834,837

       marketing and
       administration      887,783     1,691,294     3,189,906     5,053,477
      Severance costs      296,475       284,734       497,278       284,734

    Earnings before
     the undernoted       (422,694)     (674,153)      394,926      (503,374)

      Amortization        (426,856)     (429,437)   (1,277,359)   (1,321,714)
      Interest expense     (92,226)     (167,938)     (285,854)     (378,878)
      Other income          14,786         3,834        50,023        27,195
      Equity (loss)
       earnings of
       long term
       investment          (46,875)        1,100        17,339        12,767
                          (551,171)     (592,441)   (1,495,851)   (1,660,630)

    Loss before
     provision for
     income taxes         (973,865)   (1,266,594)   (1,100,925)   (2,164,004)

    Future income
     tax recovery         (297,679)     (408,689)     (318,614)     (691,329)

    Net loss              (676,186)     (857,905)     (782,311)   (1,472,675)

     beginning of
     the period         (6,958,365)   (4,876,384)   (6,852,240)   (4,158,438)

     effect of
     adopting new
     policies, net
     of tax                      -             -             -      (103,176)

    Deficit, end
     of period         $(7,634,551)  $(5,734,289)  $(7,634,551)  $(5,734,289)

    Net loss per share:
      Basic            $     (0.03)  $     (0.04)  $     (0.04)  $     (0.07)
      Diluted                (0.03)        (0.04)        (0.04)        (0.07)

                          Brick Brewing Co. Limited
                               Balance Sheets

                                          October 31, 2008  January 31, 2008


    Current assets:
      Accounts receivable                    $   2,860,816     $   2,570,768
      Inventories                                6,400,097         6,489,553
      Future income taxes                           63,650            54,799
      Prepaid expenses                             570,657           509,995
      Total current assets                       9,895,220         9,625,115

    Property, plant and equipment               16,972,347        17,776,735
    Long term investment                           122,921           105,582
    Trademarks and listing fees                  5,505,143         5,429,795
    Deferred costs                                 367,287           383,650
    Other assets                                   190,000           212,500
    Future income taxes                          2,372,373         2,062,610

                                             $  35,425,291     $  35,595,987

    Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity

    Current liabilities:
      Bank indebtedness                      $     161,871     $   2,790,750
      Accounts payable and accrued
       liabilities                               4,215,187         3,038,317
      Current portion of long-term debt            919,500           906,600
      Current portion of obligations under
       capital lease                               131,991           137,854
      Total current liabilities                  5,428,549         6,873,521

    Long-term debt                               2,126,250         2,991,900
    Obligations under capital lease                319,269           419,281

    Shareholders' equity:
      Share capital                             34,637,808        31,539,112
      Contributed surplus                          547,966           624,413
      Deficit                                   (7,634,551)       (6,852,240)
      Total shareholders' equity                27,551,223        25,311,285

                                             $  35,425,291     $  35,595,987

                          Brick Brewing Co. Limited
                           Statements of Cash Flows

                           Three Months Ended           Nine Months Ended

                        October 31,   October 31,   October 31,   October 31,
                           2008          2007          2008          2007

    Cash provided by (used in):

      Loss for the
       period          $  (676,186)  $  (857,905)  $  (782,311)  $(1,472,675)
      Items not
       involving cash:
        Amortization of
         property, plant
         and equipment
         and deferred
         assets            424,807       421,937     1,261,536     1,306,714
        Amortization of
         other assets        7,500         7,500        22,500        15,000
        Stock based
         compensation       28,794        23,250        72,323        69,750
        Equity earnings
         (loss) on long
         term investment    46,875        (1,100)      (17,339)      (12,766)
        Future income
         tax recovery     (297,679)     (408,689)     (318,614)     (727,137)
      Change in non-cash
       operating working
       capital           1,003,560       629,035       915,616       775,782
                           537,671      (185,972)    1,153,711       (45,332)

      Repayment of long
       term debt          (403,650)     (399,450)     (852,750)     (840,750)
      Repayment of
       obligation under
       capital lease       (31,321)      (52,105)     (105,875)     (153,174)
      Issue of capital
       stock, net of
       costs             2,637,096             -     2,949,926        22,829
                         2,202,125      (451,555)    1,991,301      (971,095)

      Acquisition of
       property, plant
       and equipment
       and listing fees   (223,652)     (102,645)     (516,133)     (876,430)
                          (223,652)     (102,645)     (516,133)     (876,430)

    Net increase/
     (decrease) in
     cash                2,516,144      (740,172)    2,628,879    (1,892,857)

     beginning of
     period             (2,678,015)   (1,098,833)   (2,790,750)       53,852

     end of period     $  (161,871)  $(1,839,005)  $  (161,871)  $(1,839,005)

    These statements should be read in conjunction with the audited annual
financial statements of the Company.

    Additional Information

    For further details the Company's management discussion and analysis
(MD&A) and financial statements for the quarter ended October 31, 2008 will be
available on the investor section of the Brick Brewing website at Additional information relating to the Company, including
its Annual Information Form, is available there and on SEDAR at

    About Brick Brewing

    Brick Brewing Co. Limited is Ontario's largest Canadian-owned and
Canadian-based publicly held brewery. The Company is a regional brewer of
award winning premium quality and value beers. The Company, founded by Jim
Brickman in 1984, was the first craft brewery to start up in Ontario, and is
credited with pioneering the present day craft brewing renaissance in Canada.
Brick has complemented its J. R. Brickman Founder's Series and Waterloo Dark
premium craft beers with other popular brands such as Laker, Red Cap and
Formosa Springs Draft. Brick trades on the TSX under the symbol BRB. Visit us

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based on, among other things, the following material factors and assumptions:
volumes in the current fiscal year ending January 31, 2009 ("fiscal 2009")
will be reduced from last year, no material changes in consumer preferences,
operating efficiencies at the packaging and warehousing facility in Kitchener,
Ontario will continue to be realized, input costs for brewing and packaging
materials will continue to be higher than last year, competitive activity from
other brewers will continue, no material change to the regulatory environment
in which the Company operates and no material supply, cost or quality control
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